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Comparison of the Technical Characteristics of
Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras.

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Simply type "80d" for Canon EOS 80D or "610" for Nikon D610

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?A good landscape camera should offer high resolution and wide dynamic range; it should also be weather-sealed.
?Excellent autofocus and high-ISO performance, high continuous shooting speed and good buffer capacity are crucial for a good sports & action camera. Weather-sealing is an advantage.
?Cameras for available light photography should maintain a good image quality when shooting at high ISO settings and have an efficient autofocus in low-light conditions.
?Cameras for "connected life" should be lightweight, not too big and offer touch screen as well as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.
?These cameras are good for beginners. They combine good image quality with affordability and a basic set of features.

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?New cameras first
?High-megapixel cameras first
?High DxOMark score first
?More affordable first
?Lightweight bodies first